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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published May 1984
Cover Price $1.25
Pages 36
Editing Alan Gold

Cover Details

Characters Salvo; Kane Creole
Genre adventure
Pencils Trevor Von Eeden
Inks Trevor Von Eeden

23 page Thriller story "A-One and A-Two [Downtime Part 6]"

Characters Kane Creole II; Kane Creole III (the bank robber); Bud Postman; Emil Peterson; The Seven Seconds [Data; White Satin [Janet Valentine]; Salvo [Tony Salvotini]; Father Beaker Parish; Proxy [Robert Furrillo-- disguised as Kane Creole this issue)]; Crackerjack; Dan Grove]; Marietta Salvotini; Angie Thriller
Synopsis There are 3 Kane's on the loose: Kane II, a killer; Kane III, a bank robber; and Proxy, whose been hired to be Kane in an upcoming movie. Kane III --The Bank Robber-- tussles with the Seven Seconds and ulitmately comes up short. Kane II then reveals to Beaker why there are so many of him running around.
Genre adventure
Script Robert Loren Fleming
Pencils Trevor Von Eeden
Inks Dick Giordano
Colors Tom Ziuko
Letters Phil Felix

2 page letters page "Filler"

Characters Data; Crackerjack; Proxy; Salvo; White Satin; Beaker Parish; Scabbard
Synopsis letters, with some art from the series.
Script Robert Loren Fleming
Pencils Trevor Von Eeden
Inks Trever Von Eeden
Letters typeset