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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published December 1945
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Wendell Crowley (Editor); Will Lieberson (Executive Editor)

Cover Details - "Mighty Marvel Family Joins Forces vs. Black Adam!"

Characters Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Captain Marvel, Jr. [Freddy Freeman]; Mary Marvel; Uncle Marvel; Shazam
Genre Superhero
Pencils C. C. Beck
Inks Pete Costanza?

1 page credits "Contents page"

Characters Captain Marvel; Captain Marvel Jr.; Mary Marvel; Uncle Marvel [as Uncle Dudley]
Notes Stock art

15 page Marvel Family story "The Mighty Marvels Join Forces!"

Characters Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Captain Marvel Jr. [Freddy Freeman]; Mary Marvel [Mary Batson]; Shazam; Uncle Marvel [Uncle Dudley]; Black Adam [Teth-Adam; Mighty Adam] (first appearance; origin)
Genre Superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils C. C. Beck
Inks C. C. Beck
Notes 1st Marvel Family story, but Marvel Family first appears in Captain Marvel Adventures #18; retells origins of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., and Mary Marvel
Reprinted in Shazam! (DC, 1973 series) #8; in Shazam from the Forties to the Seventies (Harmony Books, 1977 series) #nn (1977); in Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #497; in Shazam! and the Shazam Family! Annual (DC, 2002 series) #1

Half page Boxcar Benny story

Characters Boxcar Benny; General Footsore
Genre gag
Notes humor filler

3 page Richard Richard, Private Dick story "The Show Case"

Characters Richard Richard; Ah Choo; Flub Dub
Genre Gags; Detective; Humor
Script Dick McCay
Pencils Dick McCay
Inks Dick McCay

2 page text story "Shamrocks For Perry"

Characters Gram O'Donnell; Lon O'Donnell; Perry O'Murian; Cosmo Costello
Script Bert Mill
Letters typeset

10 page Marvel Family story "The Marvel Family and Baby Marvel"

Characters Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Captain Marvel Jr. [Freddy Freeman]; Mary Marvel [Mary Batson]; Uncle Marvel [Uncle Dudley]; Intro: Baby Marvel; Blacky Bucher (V);
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils C. C. Beck?
Inks C. C. Beck?
Notes The Baby Marvel story is often used as an example of the over-abundance of Marvel Family characters and the general silliness of the Marvel Family stories yet Baby Marvel was a Marvel in name only and made only one appearance.

3 page advertisement "Various"

Notes [inside front]:Captain Marvel Club Merchandise; [35]: Mr. J.E. Smith - I Will Show You How to Learn Radio; [inside back cover]: The Marvel Family and Hoppy Hawk Mechanix Illustrated