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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published December 1987
Frequency bimonthly
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 36
Editing Don Daley; Tom DeFalco (Editor-In-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Bluegrass; Melodia; Sideman the Riffhawk
Genre Superhero
Pencils Tom Morgan (signed)
Inks Bob McLeod (signed)

22 page Silverhawks story "Clementine"

Characters Silverhawks [Quicksilver [Jonathan Quick]; Steelheart [Emily Hart]; Steel Will [Will Hart]; Bluegrass; Copper Kidd]; Commander Stargazer; Sideman the Riffhawk; Artemus Dohickian; Harry; Mon-star; Yess-Man; Space Bandit; Melodia; Rhino
Genre Superhero
Script Steve Perry
Pencils Mike Witherby
Inks Fred Fredericks
Colors Evelyn Stein
Letters Joe Rosen

1 page Star Signals promo (ad from the publisher) "Star Signals"

Characters Heathcliff; Top Dog; Freddy Flintstone
Pencils Warren Kremer (illustrations)
Letters Typeset
Notes Questions answered by Super-Star Warren Kremer and a checklist covering Thundercats #18, Heathcliff #21, Star Digest #7, Air Raiders #2, Flintstone Kids #3, Foofur #3, Silverhawks #3 and Madballs #7.

1 page Bullwinkle and Rocky promo (ad from the publisher) "The Funtastic Return of... Bullwinkle and Rocky"

Characters Bullwinkle; Rocky; Mister Peabody; Sherman; Dudley Do-Right; Horse; Boris; Natasha; Snidely Whiplash
Script ? (ad copy)
Pencils Ernie Colon
Notes Promo for Bullwinkle and Rocky (Marvel, 1987 series) using the artwork from the cover to Bullwinkle and Rocky #1 (November 1987).