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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published December 1984
Cover Price 1.25 USD
Pages 52
Editing Karen Berger

Cover Details

Pencils Gary Myles Johnson

12 page story "... Of Time and the River"

Script Rick Kessler
Pencils Rob Orzechowski
Inks Rob Orzechowski
Colors Helen Vesik
Letters Rob Orzechowski

8 page Arcana! story "The Dare"

Script Todd Klein
Pencils Mike Chen
Inks Joe Del Beato
Colors Shelley Eiber
Letters Todd Klein

1 page Nick O. Tyme story "The mini (Mis)Adventures of Nick O. Tyme"

Script Stephen De Stefano
Pencils Stephen De Stefano
Inks Stephen De Stefano
Colors Helen Vesik
Letters Bob Lappan

1 page text article "Talk About Talent"

Notes letters, plus profiles of Peter Scianna, Tom Grindbeg, Mike Chen, Kevin Juaire, Pete Palmer, Gary Miles Johnson, Joe Delbeato, R. Kessler, and Bob Orzechowski

5 page story "Priviledge"

Script Peter Scianna
Pencils Tom Grindberg
Inks Tom Grindberg
Colors Helen Vesik
Letters Duncan Andrews

14 page 21st Sentry A.D. story "The Call"

Script Kevin Juaire; Peter Palmer
Pencils G. Myles Johnson
Inks Joe Del Beato
Colors Shelley Eiber
Letters Bernard R