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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published June 2000
Cover Price $2.50
Pages 36
Editing John Layman

Cover Details

Genre science fiction
Pencils John Cassaday
Inks John Cassaday
Colors Laura DePuy
Reprinted in Wildstorm (Magic Press, 2000 series) #15

22 page Planetary story "Magic and Loss"

Characters Elijah Snow; the Planetary clean-up team; 2 unnamed aliens from a doomed planet; another alien, a member of a legion of alien policemen; a mother and her grown daughter from a hidden civilization on Earth; William Leather; Randall Dowling
Synopsis As the Planetary clean-up team gathers various items from the Four Voyagers Plaza, Elijah looks at 3 artifacts and wonders about their history. The artifacts are a blanket with alien symbols on it, a pair of golden wrist bands, and a blue, alien lantern. The owners of the artifacts were killed by the Four.
Genre science fiction
Script Warren Ellis
Pencils John Cassaday
Inks John Cassaday
Colors Laura DePuy; David Baron
Letters Ryan Cline
Notes The three artifacts and their history are reminiscent of Superman (the blanket); Wonder Woman (the bracelets), and Green Lantern [Hal Jordan] (the lantern).
Reprinted in Planetary: The Fourth Man (DC, 2001 series) #nn; in Absolute Planetary (DC, 2004 series) #[nn]; in Wildstorm (Magic Press, 2000 series) #15