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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published [April] 1987
Cover Price 2.00 CAD; 1.70 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Charbonneau

Cover Details

Genre Adventure
Pencils Dale Keown
Inks Dale Keown

22 page Samurai story "[untitled] (part 2 of 6)"

Characters Toshiro Kimura; Velvet Black; Father Tucker; Marianne Fitzwalter; Richard King; John Biggs; Mitch Miller; Billy Ruby; Alana Dale; Ms Hetherington; Marduk
Synopsis Toshiro asks Marianne out to a concert. Ms Hetherington, a reporter, is investigating local deaths and disappearances. Marduk has established a base in the local sewers. Richard King is killed.
Genre Adventure
Script Barry Blair; Roger Camm
Pencils Barry Blair; Patrick McEown
Inks Dale Keown
Letters Mike Charbonneau

10 page Splinters story "One of Our Splinters is Missing"

Characters Yue Long; Alex Drake; Simon Stringfellow; Li Huay Chen; Dr Vokra
Synopsis Simon is missing and no one except Alex remembers that Simon exists.
Genre Adventure
Script Marty Pahls
Pencils Marty Pahls
Inks Marty Pahls
Letters Marty Pahls