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Issue Details

Issue #19
Published [May] 1987
Cover Price 2.00 CAD; 1.70 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Charbonneau

Cover Details

Genre Adventure
Pencils Barry Blair
Inks Guang Yap

22 page Samurai story "[untitled] (part 3 of 6)"

Characters Toshiro Kimura; Velvet Black; Father Tucker; Marianne Fitzwalter; John Biggs; Mitch Miller; Billy Ruby; Alana Dale; Kamakazi; Marduk
Synopsis The residents of Toshiro's firehall want to take revenge on the Rats gang for the death of Richard King. Toshiro joins them in the sewers against Marduk's minions. Kamakazi wants to join forces with Velvet against CUDA.
Genre Adventure
Script Barry Blair; Roger Camm
Pencils Barry Blair; Patrick McEown
Inks Guang Yap
Letters Mike Charbonneau
Notes A variation of the scene between Kamakazi and Velvet also appears in Dragonring volume 2 issue 09.

10 page Splinters story "Test Tube Terrors"

Characters Yue Long; Alex Drake; Simon Stringfellow; Li Huay Chen; Dr Vokra
Synopsis Simon wanders around Dr Vokra's hidden laboratory.
Genre Adventure
Script Marty Pahls
Pencils Marty Pahls
Inks Marty Pahls
Letters Marty Pahls