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Issue Details

Issue #25
Published December 1997
Cover Price 3.50 USD; 4.50 USD
Pages 44
Editing Michael Heisler; Michelle Upchurch (Assistant)

Cover Details - "Campbell Cover"

Characters John Lynch; Fairchild; Rainmaker; Burnout; Grunge; Freefall; Jim MacArthur; Alex Fairchild
Genre superhero
Pencils J. Scott Campbell
Inks Alex Garner
Colors Joe Chiodo
Letters Typeset
Notes There is a variant of this cover with chromium enhancement; There is also a version of this cover that came bagged with the Danger Girl Preview comic with a cover price of 4.50 USD on the comic (although the bag itself says the price is 3.50 USD).

Cover Details - "Charest Cover"

Characters Fairchild
Genre superhero
Pencils Travis Charest
Inks Travis Charest
Colors Travis Charest
Letters Typeset

22 page Gen 13 story "...Where Angels Fear To Tread..."

Characters Gen 13--John Lynch; Fairchild; Rainmaker; Burnout; Grunge; Freefall; GUESTS: Dr. Simon Tsung; Victoria Tsung; Celia Tsung; Sigma; Maggie; VILLAINS: Ivana Baiul; Keepers; Black Razors; Warhawks
Synopsis Lynch leads Rainmaker, Burnout and Sigma into the heart of I.O. headquarters to find out information about the Genesis project but his team is discovered and they become trapped by Ivana's troops; Fairchild, Grunge and Freefall return from the future just in time to help their friends escape.
Genre superhero
Script Brandon Choi
Pencils Al Rio
Inks Al Rio; Armando Durruthy; Richard Friend; Rene Micheletti; Ryan Odagawa; Joe Pimentel; Trevor Scott
Colors Wildstorm FX
Letters Bill O'Neil

10 page Gen 13 story "Epilogue"

Characters Gen 13--John Lynch; Fairchild; Rainmaker; Burnout; Grunge; Freefall; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Future versions of John Lynch; Grifter; Sublime
Synopsis The Gen 13 kids try to settle in to their lives in New York and decide to head to Times Square on New Years Eve to watch the ball drop; Caitlin is still freaked out by the brutal version of Lynch she met in the future; Ivana uses the media to make Lynch public enemy number one.
Genre superhero
Script John Arcudi
Pencils Gary Frank
Inks Cam Smith
Colors Martin Jimenez; Wildstorm FX (computer colors)
Letters Bill O'Neil