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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published April 2007
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mark Paniccia; Nathan Cosby (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Captain America; Hulk; Wolverine; Iron Man; Black Knight; Morgan Le Fay
Genre superhero
Pencils Cameron Stewart
Inks Cameron Stewart
Colors Guru eFX
Letters Typeset
Reprinted In Target Avengers: Bizarre Adventures (Marvel, 2007 series) #[nn]

22 page Avengers story "Medieval Women"

Characters FEATURE: Avengers--Captain America; Storm; Hulk; Spider-Man; Giant-Girl [Janet Van Dyne]; Iron Man; Wolverine; GUESTS: Black Knight [Dane Whitman]; Jarvis; VILLAINS: Morgan Le Fay; Urlik; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Black Knight [Sir Percy of Scandia]
Synopsis Spidey and Giant-Girl become addicted to a fantasy video game and when the rest of the team investigates, the trail leads to a medieval festival run by Morgan Le Fay.
Genre superhero
Script Jeff Parker
Pencils Juan Santacruz
Inks Raul Fernandez
Colors Impact Studios' Adriano Lucas
Letters Dave Sharpe
Reprinted In Target Avengers: Bizarre Adventures (Marvel, 2007 series) #[nn]

5 page Franklin Richards story "Molecular Mayhem"

Characters FEATURE: Franklin Richards; GUESTS: Mr. Fantastic; H.E.R.B.I.E.
Synopsis Franklin and HERBIE go on a wild sub-atomic ride.
Genre superhero; humor
Script Chris Eliopoulos
Pencils Marc Sumerak
Inks Marc Sumerak
Colors Brad Anderson
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Reprinted from Franklin Richards: March Madness (Marvel, 2007 series) #1 (May 2007)

1 page Mini Marvels story "The Great Snowman Contest"

Characters Spider-Man; Wolverine; Storm
Genre superhero; humor
Script Chris Giarrusso
Pencils Chris Giarrusso
Inks Chris Giarrusso
Colors Chris Giarrusso
Letters Chris Giarrusso