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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published January 1986
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.65 USD
Pages 36
Editing Larry Hama; Pat Redding (Assistant Editor); Tom DeFalco (Executive Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Ham
Genre superhero; funny animals; humor
Pencils Mark Armstrong (signed)
Inks Joe Albelo (signed)

17 page Spider-Ham story "The Old Goats at Home"

Characters Spider-Ham; J. Jonah Jackal; J. Jeremiah Jackal; Bunsen Bunny; Upton Adam Stray; Charles Foster Pupp; VILLAINS: The Senior Simians
Synopsis Spider-Ham fails to stop the Senior Simians from robbing a bank. Jonah is fired by the Daily Beagle's new owner-editor, Charles Foster Pupp, who tries to befriend the three interns. Trying to make it as a reporter, Jonah misses several big stories, but discovers the hideout of the Senior Simians, who are then captured by Spider-Ham. A surprise twist involving Charles Foster Mutt and J. Joanna Jackal leaves the paper's future in question.
Genre superhero; funny animals; humor
Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Mark Armstrong
Inks Joe Albelo
Colors Steve Mellor
Letters Janice Chiang

5 page Thrr, Dog of Thunder story "Tails of Arfgard"

Characters Thrr; Herbdill; Odarn; Looky; VILLAIN: Schmageggi
Synopsis After chasing cars, Thrr returns to Arfgard, realm of the dogs, where he sees Herbdill the Watchdog, the great tree Hygga-Dygga, the awesome Odarn, and the evil Looky. They defeat Schmageggi, dogcatcher of the universe, and Thrr returns to car-chasing.
Genre superhero; funny animals; humor
Script Steve Mellor
Pencils Steve Mellor
Inks Steve Mellor
Letters Steve Mellor ?

1 page Star Signals promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis News about Star Comics including new title Misty by Trina Robbins. Page includes checklist of Marvel Comics cover-dated January 1986.
Script Tom DeFalco; ?
Letters typeset

1 page Pigpen letters page

Script Pat Redding ?
Pencils Mark Armstrong (illustration)
Inks Joe Albelo (illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes Letters submitted by Scott Barber; Jeff Lopo; Noah Smith; Lincoln Mitchell; Joe Abraham; Billy Dahmke; Joe Smith; Larry Macon. Column is titled "Pigpen" (one word, in quotes) in this issue. Includes Spider-Ham and Senior Simian illustration from this issue.