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Issue Details

Issue #48
Published May 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing Harry Shorten
Notes Indexed from scanned copy that appears to be missing the back cover (inner and outer).

Cover Details - "Boy! How's that for a catch, Shield?"

Characters The Shield; Archie Andrews (as a fish); Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge
Genre Superhero; Teen
Pencils Harry Sahle [as Sahle]
Inks Harry Sahle [as Sahle]
Notes Cover redrawn as cover of Super Comics (F.E. Howard, 1943 series) #v2#6.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Shield G-Man Club"

Synopsis Letter from Joe Higgins [aka The Shield] to recycle paper to help the war drive. Also includes coupon to join the Shield G-Man Club.
Script ? [as Joe Higgins]
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

10 page Shield and Dusty the Boy Detective story "The Curse of the Black Monkey"

Characters Jinx (a black monkey, introduction); Legs Sardi (Introduction, Death); Shield; Dusty
Synopsis A monkey that seems to always be associated with death comes into the life of the Shield and Dusty.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Sy Reit ?
Inks Sy Reit ?

9 page Black Hood story "The Corpse On the Checkerboard"

Characters Arthur Pendle (Introduction, villain); Joshua Martin (Introduction, Death); Black Hood; Martin
Synopsis The Black Hood uses the pieces left on a checker board to solve a murder that's meant to look like a suicide.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bill Vigoda ?
Inks Bill Vigoda ?
Notes Black Hood's previous appearance was in Top-Notch Laugh Comics #44 (April 1944).

8 page Archie story "Camera Bugs"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Mr. Weatherbee; Mrs. Grundy; Jughead Jones; Pop Andrews; Kappy (introduction)
Synopsis Archie gets a new camera and starts taking pictures that get him in trouble.
Genre Teen
Script Ed Goggin [as Goggin]
Pencils Harry Sahle [as Sahle]
Inks Virginia Drury [as Ginger]
Notes Inking credit originally "Janice Valleau (Ginger)". Artwork is signed Ginger, so credit changed to "Virginia Drury [as Ginger]" based on info from Jerry Bails' Who's Who. Second last panel appears to have different letterer than the rest of the story, possibly a last minute change.
Reprinted in Archie: His First 50 Years (Abbeville Press, 1991 series) #[nn]

9 page Captain Commando story "Special Communique #14"

Characters Alastair Morganbilt (Introduction, Death); Captain Commando
Synopsis Alastair Morganbilt joins the army as a prissy gentleman but leaves in a body bag as a fighting man.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Clem Weisbecker [as Clem]
Inks Gil Kane ? [as Pen]

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Money"

Synopsis Promo to win a subscription to Pep Comics or a War Stamp by writing a letter about what your favourite character is.

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Li'l Chief Bugaboo will appear in Jolly Jingles..."

Characters Li'l Chief Bugaboo
Synopsis Promo announcing that Li'l Chief Bugaboo will start appearing in Jolly Jingles Comics as of issue 13.

1 page Pep's Puzzle Page activity "Our little friend, here, was playing cops and robbers..."

Synopsis A maze with a copy of Pep Comics at the center, a man holding a sign with scrambled letters and how to draw a face.
Reprinted in Black Hood (Howard Publications, 1946 series) #[nn]

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "I see the thrills of a lifetime in store for you."

Characters Black Hood
Synopsis A witch looks in her crystal ball and sees a new comic called Black Hood now on sale.
Pencils Bill Vigoda (signed)
Inks Bill Vigoda (signed)
Reprinted in Black Hood (Howard Publications, 1946 series) #[nn]

2 page text story "The Hick Cop"

Genre Mystery
Script Leo Hoban (credited)
Letters typeset

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "MLJ Leads the Way"

Synopsis A man with an MLJ Logo for a head is the skipper of a rowing crew where other MLJ Comics are the rowers.
Reprinted in Black Hood (Howard Publications, 1946 series) #[nn]

1 page activity "Do You Know???"

Synopsis Four trick questions and answers including how to tell the left bank of a river from the right bank.
Script Ed Goggin (signed)
Pencils Ed Goggin (signed)
Inks Ed Goggin (signed)
Reprinted in Black Hood (Howard Publications, 1946 series) #[nn]

1 page advertisement "Prizes for You ~~ Come an' Get 'em"

Synopsis Ad for prizes for delivering Collier's magazine.

5 page Catfish Joe story The Jumping Potion] ["Seeking shelter from a storm Joe is knocking..."

Characters Fuddy Goober; Duddy Goober; Catfish Joe
Synopsis Two mad scientists give Catfish Joe pills that make him able to jump really far.
Genre Adventure
Script Larry Harris ?
Pencils Larry Harris (credited)
Inks Larry Harris (credited)
Notes Last appearance of Catfish Joe, although this story says it is to be continued in the next issue.

Half page Animal-Antix filler "Bruce Graebner of Cleveland Ohio says he saw a monkey..."

Synopsis Three fun facts about animals as submitted by readers. Address says to submit to "Catfish Joe", so presumably this was a sub-feature of that strip.

6 page Marco Loco story "The Great Genghis Khan"

Characters Genghis Khan (introduction); Marco Loco
Synopsis Marco Loco meets Genghis Khan and tries to stop his wedding.
Genre Humor; Period
Script Carl Hubbell ?
Pencils Carl Hubbell [as Hubbell]
Inks Carl Hubbell [as Hubbell]