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Issue Details

Issue #65
Published January 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Harry Shorten ?

Cover Details

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Mr. Cooper
Genre teen
Pencils Al Fagaly
Inks Al Fagaly

10 page Archie story "Weeny Roast"

Genre teen

6 page Katy Keene story

Genre teen
Script Bill Woggon ?
Pencils Bill Woggon
Inks Bill Woggon

6 page Li'l Jinx story

Genre children; humor
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

9 page Shield story "The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Dead"

Characters Joe Higgins [The Shield]; Dusty; Dr. Ray; Professor Scott; Dr. Green; the District Attorney
Synopsis Professor Scott has invented a serum that can bring people back from the dead. In order to find out if it works he kills a man but is caught by the police before he can administer the serum. Tried and convicted of murder, he's sentenced to the electric chair. He convinces his assistant Dr. Green to dig up his corpse and inject him with the serum so he can return from the grave to enact his revenge. Professor Scott electrocutes Dr. Ray for turning him in to the police then while trying to kill the district attorney he's stopped by Dusty and kills himself with a lethal injection. Never to return.
Genre superhero
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick
Notes The Shield's next appearance is in Mighty Crusaders #1 (1966; Shield II first appears in Fly Man #31); Dusty's next appearance is in Mighty Crusaders #4 (1966)
Reprinted from Pep Comics (Archie,1940 series) #57 (June,1946)

3 page Willy the Wise Guy story

Genre humor
Pencils Red Holmdale
Inks Red Holmdale

6 page Gloomy Gus story

Genre humor
Script George Kean ?
Pencils Red Holmdale
Inks Red Holmdale