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Issue Details

Issue #75
Published September 1949
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price .10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Achie Andrews
Genre teen
Pencils Bob Montana
Inks Bob Montana

7 page Archie story "shop Talk"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Mr.Woodley
Synopsis Veronica wants a hope chest for her birthday and Archie promises to get her one. After he finds out he can't afford a new one, he decides to make one himslf in the school woodshop. The shop teacher, Mr.woodley, seeing the poor job that Archie has done decides to help. After Archie rips Mr.Woodley's jacket in the clamp, glues his feet to the floor and sends him into the ceiling with a sander to his backside, the hope chest is delivered to Veronica. With Archie bound and gaged inside it.
Genre teen
Notes A half page add for Suzie apperances in Suzie comics, pep comics and Laugh comics fills the seventh page.

1 page Archie Club text article

Genre teen
Notes The first half of this page is a comic add for Fleer's doubble bubble gum.

6 page Katy Keene story " You have a perfect form, Katy !"

Characters Katy Keene; K.O. Kelly; Sis; Windy
Synopsis Katy reads that golf helps to keep a figure trim and wants to learn how to play. After convincing K.O. to teach her, she makes a hole in one on the first hole. Prompting her to give up golf and take up tennis
Genre teen
Pencils Bill Woggon
Inks Bill Woggon
Notes A 1/3 page add for Katy apperances in Pep,Suzie,Wilbur and Laugh comics completes the last page of this story.

1 page Archie advertisement "hey gang!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Jughead Jones
Synopsis Archie radio progam time and sponsor change.
Genre teen

8 page Suzie story "Bargin day"

Characters Suzie; Suzie's father; Ferdie; Madam scalparelli
Synopsis Suzie wants $39.50 for a new dress. Her father thinks that ridiculos.He gives Suzie $20.00 and tells her to shop around and get her money's worth. On her way she runs into Ferdie who she invites to come along. Suzie decides to start at Madam scalparellis, even though ferdie reminds her it's the most exclusive drees shop in town. When Madam Scalparelli finds out Suzie can't afford anything she attacks Ferdie, causing him to spill ink on four dresses. Madam Scalparelli threatens to sue, so they promise to clean them for her.Finding out the cleaners would cost $20.00, they decide to clean the dresses themselves, with chlorine and ammonia. Upon returning Madam Scalparelli notices the smell and decides she has to sell the four dresses at a reduced price. $5.00 a peice. Suzies father is happy until he see's the dresses have shrunk. Even though the dresses look like mini-skirts Suzie's father makes Suzie and ferdie wear them.
Genre teen

1 page activity "pencil fun"

Synopsis One word game and one connect the dots game.
Notes 1/3 of this page is an add for Wilbur comics.

6 page Jughead story "Hearts and Hamburgers"

Characters Jughead Jones; Archie Andrews; Reggie Mantle; Gilda
Synopsis Jughead wonders why everyone is acting slap happy. Archie tells him it's because of the new girl, Gilda. When Archie introduces Jughead to Gilda he hardly notices her, which Gilda finds amazing. The next day Gilda asks jughead to the movies and he turns her down. Archie suggests she try food, she does and they finally go out. Gilda then decides to throw a party for Jughead and the gang but he refuses to go. That infuriates Reggie, Archie and some other fellas who beat Jughead up until he changes his mind. At the party Jughead continues to ignore Gilda until Archie convinces him he better start paying attention to her or he'll ruin a good thing. Jughead procedes to confess his love and admiration for her and she breaks down crying. Gilda then accuses Jughead of breaking her heart and has him thrown out of the party.
Genre teen

1 page activity "Pep puzzle page"

Synopsis One word game, one maze.
Notes 1/3 page add for darling romance fills out this page.

7 page Wilbur story "A shaggy dog story"

Characters Wilbur Wilkins; Pop Wilkins; Red; Linda Moore; Linda's mother; Laurie; Mr. Dripwaite
Synopsis Wilbur brings home a stray puppy. His Pop has a fit, telling Wilbur to get rid of the dog before school. Wilbur puts the dog into a doghouse in his back yard and nails the entrance shut. Hurrying, so he won't be late for school, Wilbur meets Red who points out that the dog and the doghouse have followed. They then put the dog in Linda's yard. Laurie see's them leaving Linda's and confronts Wilbur about having breakfast with Linda. After telling Laurie she's the only one for him, the three make there way to school. Wilbur has a phone call waiting from Linda's mom who tells him she tied the dog to the clothes line. A confused Laurie hits Wibur in the head with a book. The dog breaks free and appears at the school with Linda's monogramed underpants, that she snatches away from a group of laughing boys. A dazed Wibur arrives on the scene and Linda, relizing it's Wilbur's dog, Punches Wilbur in the face. Red then takes the dog as Wilbur heads to Mr. dripwaithe's office. Fearing the worst, Wilbur is shown a poster offering a $100.00 reward, for the dog that Red has now lost.
Genre teen

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Archie annual"

Genre teen
Notes Add for Archie Annual #1.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Archie annual"

Genre teen
Notes Add for Archie Annual #1.

2 page text article "Star Dirt"

Synopsis Nine articles about Hollywood stars

6 page Li'l Jinx story "Love Thy Neighbor"

Characters Li'l Jinx; Bill Bubblegum; Alice; Alice's mother; George
Synopsis Li'l jinx is fighting with the new neighbor girl Alice. This upsets her father,Bill Bubblegum, who tells her she has to learn how to get along with new people. Bill decides to go outside and show her how it's done. Bill finds Alice and starts to talk with her. Alice's mother notices him and mentions it to Alice's father, George, Who's reading a newspaper story about local kidnappers. They hear bill telling Alice she has a pretty name and offering her money for ice cream. Concerned, George confronts Bill punching him in the face. The two men relize it was a mistake and shake hands. Unable to make Li'l Jinx and Alice do the same they decide to each take the others daughter and pratice archery. Which escalates into the fathers fighting again, while their daughters appolagise to each other for their father's hot tempers.
Genre teen
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards
Notes Half of the last page is filled with Li'l Jinx pen pal club.