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Issue Details

Issue #94
Published August 1958
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "What A Woman!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge
Genre teen

6 page Archie story "Half A Loafer"

Characters Archie Andrews; Fred Andrews; Mary Andrews; Mrs. Jones; Mrs. Cooper; Jughead Jones; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle
Synopsis Fred tries to shame Archie into helping Mary with the housework, only to find out that the new club that Archie has started is cleaning the homes of all its members.
Genre teen

2 page Mr. Weatherbee story "Wish You Were Here"

Characters Mr. Weatherbee; Miss Grundy; Archie Andrews; Professor Flutesnoot; Betty Cooper; Coach Kleats
Synopsis Mr. Weatherbee sends Miss Grundy off on a three-day leave before he realizes just how much she does at the school.
Genre gags

6 page Coach Kleats story "What Makes Juggie Run?"

Characters Coach Kleats; Mr. Weatherbee; Jughead Jones; Archie Andrews
Synopsis Coach Kleats is upset when Jughead decides to try out for the track team.
Genre teen

4 page Archie story "Right Makes Fight"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle
Synopsis Archie tells Betty about how he argued with Reggie over which one of them would take Betty to the dance.
Genre teen

1 page Reggie story "Help Wanted"

Characters Reggie Mantle; Archie Andrews
Genre gags

2 page Archie Club News letters page "Archie Club News"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from Cheryl Morrow, Craig Allogiamento, Susan Granger, Hedy Prusin, Janet Edelstein and Maxine Neuman with an accompanying illustration and information on how to join the Archie Club.

1 page Archie story "Degrading"

Characters Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Reggie Mantle; Betty Cooper; Fred Andrews
Genre gags

4 page Archie story "Bird Watcher!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Reggie Mantle; Betty Cooper; Tommy; Millie
Synopsis Reggie gets Archie to watch Tommy's parakeet.
Genre teen