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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published August 1970
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "In the Clutches of Kraven the Hunter! / In the Shadow of--Doom's Day!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Dr. Doom; Kraven the Hunter; Zabu; Doomsman
Genre Superhero; Jungle
Pencils Marie Severin
Inks Bill Everett
Letters Sam Rosen
Notes Letters credit from George Olshevsky's Marvel Comics Index #7B.
Reprinted in Essential Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel, 2004 series) #1 (2004) [black and white]

10 page Ka-Zar story "The Power of Ka-Zar!"

Characters Ka-Zar; Zabu; Kraven (villain)
Synopsis Kraven the Hunter sets his sights on capturing Zabu, knocking out Ka-Zar in the process and then returning to New York with Zabu as his captive.
Genre Superhero; Jungle
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Sam Grainger
Letters Sam Rosen
Notes continued from X-MEN #63

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "The Mighty Marvel Checklist"

Script ? (promo copy)
Letters Typeset
Notes Marvel checklist for comics on sale right now! Comics listed with a synopsis are Fantastic Four #100, Spider-Man #86, Silver Surfer #17, Thor #177, Avengers #77, Captain America #127, Hulk #129, Captain Marvel #21, Iron Man #27, Sub-Mariner #27, Daredevil #65, Chamber of Darkness #5, Sgt. Fury #79, Marvel Super-Heroes #27, Marvel Tales #27, Marvel's Greatest Comics #27, and Tower of Shadows #6. Appears between pages 6 and 7 of the first story.

Half page Marvelmania promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvelmania"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Silver Surfer; Spider-Man; Thor; Daredevil; Dr. Doom
Genre Superhero
Script ? (promo copy)
Notes Advertisement for the Marvelmania membership kit using a small version of the Poster and Decals that came with the membership. Appears between pages 6 and 7 of the first story.

10 page Dr. Doom story "Unto You Is Born... The Doomsman!"

Characters Dr. Doom (feature); The Doomsman (Intro, Villain); Prince Rudolfo (Intro); Buzz Aldrin (cameo); Neil Armstrong (cameo); John F. Kennedy (cameo); Horst; Ramona (Intro); Doombot
Synopsis Prince Rudolfo tries to regain the throne of Latveria but Dr. Doom crushes his rebellion.
Genre Superhero
Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Wally Wood
Inks Wally Wood
Letters Artie Simek
Notes Continued from Thor #183.
Reprinted in Essential Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel, 2004 series) #1 (2004) [black and white]; in Fantastici Quattro, I (Editoriale Corno, 1971 series) #40

1 page Thor; Captain America promo (ad from the publisher) "Pick a Pair of Winners From Mighty Marvel!"

Characters Thor; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Stranger; Abomination
Genre Superhero
Script ? (promo copy)
Pencils John Buscema; Marie Severin
Inks Frank Giacoia ?; John Verpoorten ?; Joe Sinnott
Notes Advertisement reproducing covers for Thor #178 and Captain America #128.

Half page Marvel Bullpen Bulletins; Stan Lee's Soapbox promo (ad from the publisher) "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins: Twice the Excitement In Only Half the Space! [August 1970]; Stan Lee's Soapbox"

Script ? (promo copy); Stan Lee
Letters Typeset
Notes Includes information on the new comics Astonishing Tales and Amazing Adventures.

Half page Inhumans; Black Widow promo (ad from the publisher) "The Inhumans Are Coming!"

Characters Inhumans [Black Bolt; Medusa; Karnak; Gorgon; Triton; Crystal]; Black Widow [Natasha Romanoff]
Genre Superhero
Script ? (promo copy)
Notes Advertisement for Amazing Adventures using artwork for the two starring features.