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Issue Details

Issue #177
Published November 1978
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.35 USD
Pages 36
Editing Jim Salicrup (Assistant Editor); Roger Stern (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "...These Who Lay Dying!"

Genre superhero
Pencils Dave Cockrum (signed)
Inks Terry Austin (signed)
Notes Cover signed "Cockrum - Austin - sort of"

18 page The Avengers story "The Hope... And the Slaughter!"

Characters Hawkeye; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Vision; Scarlet Witch; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Wonder Man; Thor [Donald Blake]; Yellowjacket [Hank Pym]; Wasp; Hercules; Quicksilver; Jocasta; Black Panther; Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell]; Moondragon; Two-Gun Kid; Hellcat; Black Widow [Natasha Romanoff]; Starhawk; Charlie-27; Yondu; Martinex; Nikki; The Watcher; Eternity; Odin; Zeus; Mephisto; Michael Korvac
Synopsis The Avengers face Michael.
Genre superhero
Script Jim Shooter
Pencils Dave Wenzel
Inks Pablo Marcos (pages 1-21), Ricardo Villamonte (pages 22-31)
Colors Nel Yomtov
Letters Denise Wohl