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Issue Details

Issue #500
Published December 2003
Cover Price $3.50
Pages 52
Editing Axel Alonso; John Miesegaes (Assistant Editor); Warren Simons (Assistant Editor)
Notes Double-Sized 500th Issue! With this issue THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN returns to ist old numbering from the 1963 series.

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Spider-Man; Mary Jane Parker; Mysterio; Green Goblin; Lizard; Morlun; Venom; Rhino; Sandman; Morbius; Scorpion; Electro; Prowler; Kraven the Hunter; Doctor Octopus; Hydro-Man; Chameleon; Vermin
Genre Superhero
Pencils J. Scott Campbell (signed)
Inks Tim Townsend (signed)
Colors Dan Kemp (signed)
Notes Double-Sized 500th Issue! With this issue THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN returns to ist old numbering from the 1963 series.

38 page Spider-Man story "Happy Birthday Part Three"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Lieutenant Lamont; Sandman [in dream sequence]; Vulture [in dream sequence]; Lizard [in dream sequence]; Electro [in dream sequence]; J.J. Jameson [in dream sequence]; Betty Brant [in dream sequence]; Bennet Brant [in dream sequence]; Mysterio [in dream sequence]; Hulk [in dream sequence]; Green Goblin [in dream sequence]; Gwen Stacy [in dream sequence]; Doctor Strange; The Thing; Iron Man; Cyclops; Thor; Human Torch; Mister Fantastic; Baron Mordo; Aunt May Parker; Ben Parker [apparition]; Mary Jane Parker; [the following appear on one big double-splash page] Morbius; Metallo; Kraven the Hunter; Venom; Kingpin; Tinkerer; Shocker; Carnage; Punisher; Spencer Smythe; Doctor Octopus; Doctor Doom; Scorpion; Morlun; Juggernaut; Chameleon; Headmaster; Hobgoblin; Rhino; Ox; Beetle; Shadrac
Genre Superhero
Script J. Michael Straczynski
Pencils John Romita, Jr. [pages 1-34]; John Romita, Sr. [page 35-38]
Inks Scott Hanna
Colors Avalon
Letters Randy Gentile [as Digital Calligraphy's Randy Gentile]
Notes Story continued from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #58 (Marvel, 1999 series).

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "House Advertisement"

Notes House Advertisement for: MARVEL ENCYCLOPEDIA: SPIDER-MAN hardcover.

12 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 10.5 one-page and 1 two-page advertisements for: Bionicle (game, Lego Electronic Arts), Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (video/dvd, WB), Power Rangers Ninja Storm (tv, ABC), Hulk (board game, Pressman), Trading Spaces (tv, Discovery Kids, 2.5 pages), Marvel Super Heroes. Super Villains (trading card game, Upper Deck), Comic Coolers (soft drink, Jel Sert), (internet services, Filtered Internet Solutions), X-Men: Evolution 1. Season (dvd, WB, 1/2 page), David Mack (comics, Beckett Comics, 1/2 page), Hulk 2-Disc Special Edition (dvd, Universal), Kirby Air Ride (game, HAL Laboratory).