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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published September 1977
Cover Price 0.30 USD
Pages 36
Editing Archie Goodwin
Notes Final issue; Letters page replies by Chris Claremont.

Cover Details - "In Final Battle Against the X-Men!"

Characters Iron Fist; Nightcrawler; Colossus; Storm; Wolverine
Genre superhero; martial arts
Pencils Dave Cockrum (signed)
Inks Dave Cockrum (signed)
Letters Irving Watanabe

17 page Iron Fist story "Enter, the X-Men"

Characters Iron Fist; GUESTS: X-Men [Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Colossus; Storm; Banshee; Phoenix [Jean Grey]; Cyclops]; Misty Knight; Moira MacTaggert; Lt. Rafael Scarfe; D.A. Blake Tower; Bill Hao; VILLAINS: Steel Serpent [Davos]; Bushmaster [John Bushmaster] (1st); CAMEOS: Lilandra; Bonnie Wilford; Paty Cockrum; Dave Cockrum; Chris Claremont; John Byrne
Synopsis Iron Fist battles the Steel Serpent and loses as Davos sucks the chi right out of him; Wolverine is...well...stalking Jean Grey and notices someone entering her apartment; Iron Fist is visiting Misty's pad (she's Jean's roommate) when he is attacked by the pint sized X-Man; Their scuffle quickly devolves into an all-out battle between Iron Fist and the whole team (thanks in part to Storm getting a bowl of party dip in the face) until Jean and Scott show up and put a stop to it; As Jean's landlord is threatening to evict because of the damage, Danny intervenes as his company happens to own the building.
Genre superhero; martial arts
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Dan Green
Colors Bruce Patterson
Letters Annette Kawecki
Notes Continued in Marvel Team-Up (Marvel, 1972 series) #63; Story takes place during the first half of X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #109 as Wolverine sports the "Fang" costume in his fight with Iron Fist which he is wearing during the return to X-Mansion from space but changes before the attack of Vindicator in that issue.