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Issue Details

Issue #8
Published November 1999
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 36
Editing Polly Watson

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Venom; Green Goblin
Genre Superhero
Pencils Alex Ross
Inks Alex Ross
Colors Alex Ross
Letters Typeset

23 page Earth X story "Earth X Chapter Eight"

Characters X-51; Watcher; Spider-Man; Green Goblin; Gwen Stacy; John Jameson; Captain America; Iron Man; The Skull; Texas Jack; Namor; Spiders Man; Iron Maiden; Iron Avengers; Hydra; Redwing; She-Hulk; Luke Cage; Venom; Mr. Fantastic; Thing; Triton; Karnak; Medusa; Luna; Black Bolt; Hulk; Loki; Thor; Clea; Colossus; Ka-Zar; Sunfire; Shanna the She Devil; Black Widow; Crimson Dynamo; Ox; Vulture; Montana
Synopsis The Skull attacks New York, destroying the Iron Avengers and Hydra. Thor battles Clea and Loki. Captain America works on building an international army.
Genre Superhero
Script Jim Krueger; Alex Ross
Pencils John Paul Leon
Inks Bill Reinhold; Alex Ross; John Paul Leon
Colors Matt Hollingsworth; James Sinclair
Letters Todd Klein
Reprinted in Wiz (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #54

6 page Earth X text story "Appendix to Chapter Eight"

Characters X-51; John Jameson; Watcher
Synopsis X-51 discusses the Celestial's plans and the effects of the Terrigen Mists upon the Earth.
Genre Superhero
Script Jim Krueger
Pencils Alex Ross
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Wiz (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #54