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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published March 1995
Cover Price 1.95
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras
Notes 2nd print "X-tra Edition" exists.

Cover Details

Characters Wolverine; Jean Grey
Genre superhero
Pencils Adam Kubert
Inks Adam Kubert
Letters Typeset
Notes 2nd print "X-tra Edition" exists.

23 page Wolverine story "Unforgiven Trespasses"

Characters FEATURE: Wolverine; GUESTS: Jean Grey; Sentinels; Moira MacTaggert; Bolivar Trask; White Queen [Emma Frost]; Brian Braddock [Captain Britian]; Mariko Yashida; VILLAINS: Apocalypse; Havok; Cyclops; Holocaust; Abyss; Magma; Infinites; Balrog; CAMEO: Dark Beast
Synopsis Wolvie and Jean utilize a Sentinel to attack the Mid-Atlantic sea wall of Apocalypse and run up against Havok during the skirmish; They return to the Human High Council with thier mission completed and an attack on the Council by Magma convinces the humans to begin a devastating final assault against Apocalypse.
Genre superhero
Script Larry Hama
Pencils Adam Kubert
Inks Karl Kesel; Dan Green; Chris Warner
Colors Mike Thomas
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes Cont. from X-Men Alpha #1; Ties in With Factor X and Astounding X-Men.
Reprinted in Age of Apocalypse: Weapon X (Marvel, 1995 series) #[nn]

1 page Wolverine text article "X-Facts"

Genre superhero
Letters Typeset
Notes Page Design by Comicraft; Map of the Age of Apocalypse world and promo blurbs for the comics that are part of the story.