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Issue Details

Issue #261
Published February 1985
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 36
Editing Danny Fingeroth; Bob DeNatale (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]
Genre superhero
Pencils Charles Vess
Inks Charles Vess
Colors Charles Vess
Letters Typeset

22 page Spider-Man story "The Sins of My Father!"

Characters Spider-Man; GUESTS: Harry Osborn; Liz Osborn; Mary Jane Watson; VILLAINS: Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]; Rose; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Green Goblin [Norman Osborn]
Synopsis The Rose and Hobgoblin have captured Liz and MJ and Harry is compelled to trade their lives for his dad's old Goblin journals; The only problem is, Harry has no idea where they are; Finally able to locate one journal that lists the Green Goblin's old lairs, Harry heads off to face the Hobgoblin, closely shadowed by Spider-Man; Hobby is mad at only getting one journal as he knocks Harry out and takes him back to the Rose's headquarters; Spidey follows and begins to battle the villain and his men; As Harry, Liz and MJ try to escape, Harry runs across a cache of Hobgoblin's equipment and attacks the villain using his own weapons; A fire breaks out in the warehouse trapping MJ and Liz; Of course, this is the moment the pregnant Liz decides to go into labor; Spidey takes over the battle Harry is waging with the Hobgoblin and sends him back to rescue the womenfolk; Spidey pulls no punches as he beats the Hobgoblin down; With the villain finally at his mercy, Spidey has to choose between finishing the Hobgoblin off or rescuing his friends from the fire; Hobgoblin gets away as Spider-Man gets his pals out of the building; Liz and Harry head for the hospital; A badly wounded Hobgoblin is furious as he finds the Goblin journal he has obtained is useless; Oh, and Spidey's black alien costume is finally able to escape from the Baxter Building.
Genre superhero
Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Joe Rosen
Reprinted in Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1966 series) #275; in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #52