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Issue Details

Issue #109
Published December 1985
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.65 USD; 0.75 CAD; 0.30 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Jim Owsley; Adam Blaustein (Assistant)

Cover Details - "He Who Is Without Sin"

Characters Spider-Man
Genre superhero
Pencils Rich Buckler
Inks Brett Breeding?
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #65

22 page Spider-Man story "He Who Is Without Sin [Death of Jean DeWolff Part 3]"

Characters Spider-Man; GUESTS: Daredevil; Robbie Robertson; Marla Jameson; Betty Leeds; Lance Bannon; VILLAINS: Sin-Eater [Sgt. Stan Carter]; False Sin-Eater; Kingpin; Gerald Jablonski; Evil Santa Claus
Synopsis Spidey and DD scour the city looking for the Sin-Eater; The villain shows up at the Bugle looking to kill Jameson and Peter takes him out easily; The captured Sin-Eater turns out to be a copy-cat criminal and, when Spidey and DD investigate his apartment, discover that he lives next door to Sgt. Carter, the real Sin-Eater; Realizing that Jameson is a legitimate target, Spidey calls his house and Betty answers in a panic as Sin-Eater has a gun in her face.
Genre superhero
Script Peter David
Pencils Rich Buckler
Inks Brett Breeding
Colors Nelson Yomtov
Letters Phil Felix
Reprinted in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #65