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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published January 1987
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD; 0.40 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Mark Gruenwald; Howard Mackie (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details - "A Tale of Two Kitties"

Characters Tigra; Hellcat; Wonder Man; Mockingbird; Hawkeye; Iron Man
Genre Superhero
Pencils Al Milgrom
Inks Joe Sinnott

22 page West Coast Avengers story "The Dive"

Characters West Coast Avengers [Tigra; Dr. Hank Pym; Hellcat; Iron Man; Wonder Man; Mockingbird]; Daimon Hellstrom; Tiger Shark; Avengers [Yellowjacket [Hank Pym] (flashback); Wasp (flashback); Captain America (flashback); Thor (flashback); She-Hulk (flashback)]; Elfqueen (flashback); Egghead (flashback); Masters of Evil [Tiger Shark; Radioactive Man; Shocker; Moonstone; Beetle] (flashback); Whirlwind
Synopsis While out yachting the Avengers come across Tiger Shark. And with Tiger Shark captured, can his buddy Whirlwind be far behind?
Genre Superhero
Script Steve Englehart
Pencils Al Milgrom
Inks Joe Sinnott
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Tom Orzechowski

1 page letters page "West Coast-Lines"

Characters Wonder Man (illustration)
Genre Superhero
Script Mark Gruenwald; Howard Mackie ?
Pencils ? (illustration)
Inks ? (illustration)
Letters Typeset
Notes Mark's Remarks by Gruenwald. Letters of comment from readers Rik Offenberger, Charles Adams, Matthew Minie, Joe Kucharski, Jason Potar, Glenn Helkenn and Ron Morrison. Responses by either Gruenwald or Mackie.