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Issue Details

Issue #424
Published July 2003
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 44
Editing Mike Marts

Cover Details

Characters Archangel; Iceman; Wolverine
Genre Superhero
Pencils Philip Tan
Inks Philip Tan
Letters Typeset

24 page X-Men story "Holy War Part Two"

Characters Features: Archangel; Nightcrawler; Iceman; Havok; Polaris; Wolverine; Guest Stars Cyclops; Jean Grey; Church of Humanity; Supreme Pontiff (Death), Father Whitney (Death)
Synopsis The X-Men wage their final battle with the Church of Humanity.
Genre Superhero
Script Chuck Austen
Pencils Ron Garney
Inks Mark Morales; Randy Green; Nelson [Nelson Decastro]
Colors Jonathan D. Smith
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Notes Much of the information about the Supreme Pontiff's background in this issue conflicts with the information from Uncanny X-Men #400.
Reprinted in Uncanny X-Men: Holy War (Marvel, 2003 series) #[nn]