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Issue Details

Issue #152
Published March 2004
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 3.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Marts; Stephanie Moore (assistant); Cory Sedlmeier (assistant)

Cover Details - "Here Comes Tomorrow 2 of 4"

Characters Crawler
Genre superhero
Pencils Marc Silvestri (signed)
Inks Joe Weems (signed)
Colors Steve Firchow (signed)
Letters typeset

1 page X-Men recap "New X-Men"

Genre superhero
Pencils Marc Silvestri; Frank Quitely
Letters typeset

22 page X-Men story "Here Comes Tomorrow Part 2 of 4: Surrender the Starlit City"

Characters The X-Men (future) [Wolverine [Logan]; Three-In-One [Stepford Cuckoos]; E.V.A.; Cassandra Nova Xavier; Martha Johansson [No-Girl]; Beak [Tito Bohusk]; Mer-Max; Tom Skylark; Rover]; Beast [Sublime] (future); Apollyon the Destroyer (future); Hank McCoy (future; possessed by Sublime); Crawlers (future); Phoenix [Jean Grey] (future); The Proud People (future flashback) [The Maker; Corona; Brian; Tom Skylark; Rover]
Synopsis Tom Skylark recounts how the Proud People died fighting Apollyon and a horde of Crawler to allow Rover and him to escape with the Phoenix Egg. The X-Men know that now that the Beast has the Egg back, they need to attack immediately. Meanwhile, the Beast uses the powers of his Crawler to speed up the hatching of the Phoenix Egg, releasing a confused Jean Grey, who asks him if he's Henry McCoy. He replies that he "also" has a new name now: Sublime.
Genre superhero
Script Grant Morrison
Pencils Marc Silvestri
Inks Joe Weems; Billy Tan (with)
Colors Steve Firchow; John Starr; Matt Milla
Letters Chris Eliopoulos [as Virtual Calligraphy's Chris Eliopoulos]
Notes Inker credits written as "Joe Weems with Billy Tan".