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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published July 1993
Frequency Quarterly
Cover Price 3.95 USD; 4.95 CAD; 2.95 GBP
Pages 68
Editing Joey Cavalieri

Cover Details - "The Next Century's Greatest Heroes!"

Characters Hulk 2099; Spider-Man 2099
Genre superhero; science fiction
Pencils Chris Wozniak
Inks Chris Wozniak
Notes Cover dated Summer 1993; Wozniak signature hidden in webbing.

22 page Spider-Man 2099 story "Nothing Ever Changes"

Characters Spider-Man 2099; Mutagen; Anna; Carrie; Anthea; Jerome; Michael; Gibbon (Flashback Cameo)
Synopsis Mutagen is planning on eliminating Homo-inferior; as he calls normal humans; for starters he chooses the hospital one of Spider-Mans friends is in. It is a long hard battle but Spidey is victorious in the end, though Mutagen does get away.
Genre superhero; science fiction
Script Evan Skolnik
Pencils Chris Wozniak
Inks Chris Ivy
Colors Marie Severin
Letters Steve Dutro

30 page Hulk 2099 story "Three Hundred Miles Of Naked Sand And Rock..."

Characters Hulk 2099; Keisha; Audra; Kiyoshi; Evinde Mbutu; Naomi Soon-Li Torrijos-Washington; Giorgino Liberman; Ice-t (hollo-Scan); Dan Quayle (hollo-scan)
Synopsis Hulk comes out of a six day anger binge to find that his current project at work has been reassigned due to his absence. While researching his next job he comes across evidence that leads him to discover a contract on Naomi. While trying to stop it in his normal form the hit squad cause him to Hulk out and save the day.
Genre superhero; science fiction
Script Gerard Jones
Pencils Dwayne Turner
Inks Dwayne Turner
Colors Tom Smith
Letters Richard Starkings
Reprinted in X-Men 2099 (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #1