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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published December 1993
Cover Price $3.95/$4.95 CAD
Pages 68
Editing Danny Fingeroth; Mark Bernardo (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Mysterio
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ron Lim (signed)
Inks James Sanders III (signed)

25 page Spider-Man story "The Man Who Would be Spider-Man!"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Ben Urich; J. Jonah Jameson; Lance Bannon; Villains: Mysterio [Quentin Beck]; Snake Sanchus; Phil (imitates Spider-Man)
Synopsis Mysterio puts together a plan to discredit Spider-Man.
Genre Superhero
Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Ron Lim
Inks Al Williamson; Scott Hanna; Al Milgrom
Colors John Kalisz
Letters Loretta Krol; Joe Rosen; Dave Sharpe

22 page Spider-Man story "Still Living in Fear"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Marty Reeves; Mr. Vazquez; Bloodshed [Wyndell Dichinson]; Rick Dichinson; Villain: Nico
Synopsis Spider-Man must keep Bloodshed safe from Nico.
Genre Superhero
Script Kurt Busiek
Pencils Kevin West
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti
Colors John Kalisz
Letters Steve Dutro

8 page Spider-Man story "Just a Guy Named Joe"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Guy Jones; Villain: Rhino [Aleksei Sytsevich]
Genre Superhero
Script Carl Potts
Pencils Dan Norton
Inks Keith Williams
Colors Chia-Chi Wang
Letters Joe Rosen

1 page letters page "Spider-Reader's Unlimited"

Letters Typeset
Notes Letters from readers.