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Issue Details

Issue #88
Published April 1999
Cover Price $1.99
Pages 36
Editing Brian Smith (Assistant); Bobbie Chase

Cover Details - "Battle With the New Hellions Round 1"

Characters Cannonball; Sunspot; Dani Moonstar; Domino; Warpath; Siryn; Meltdown; King Bedlam; Feral; Tarot; Magma; Paradigm; Switch
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Cheung
Inks Mark Morales
Letters Typeset

22 page X-Force story "Armageddon Now Part Two: Blood & Betrayal"

Characters FEATURE: X-Force--Cannonball; Domino; Sunspot; Warpath; Siryn; Dani Moonstar; Meltdown; Jesse Bedlam; VILLAINS: New Hellions--King Bedlam; Tarot; Magma; Paradigm; Switch; Feral; CAMEO: Armageddon Man
Synopsis Jesse learns that his older brother has captured X-Force to use their power in awakening the incredibly deadly Armageddon Man.
Genre superhero
Script John Francis Moore
Pencils Jim Cheung
Inks Mark Morales; Rob Stull
Colors Marie Javins
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft; Dave Lanphear