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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published November 1995
Cover Price $2.50
Pages 36
Editing Laura Hitchcock

Cover Details - "Deadly Refuge!"

Genre Science Fiction
Pencils Rebecca Guay
Inks Rick Bryant

24 page Babylon 5 story Coda for Human and Narn in B Flat ("Laser-Mirror-Starweb!" part 2 of 2)

Characters Michael Garibaldi; John Sheridan; G'Kar; Greegil D'Farkin;
Synopsis G'Kar and Garibaldi run for their lives, trapped inside the central Axis tubes of Babylon 5 and pursued by cleaning robots. Sheridan, meanwhile, is dealing with the psychotic Greegil, who seems to want to get to G'Kar very badly.
Genre Science Fiction
Script David Gerrold
Pencils Rebecca Guay
Inks Rick Bryant
Colors Robbie Busch
Letters Tracy Hampton Munsey