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Issue Details

Issue #179
Published December 2001
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 44
Editing Joey Cavalieri

Cover Details - "Joker: Last Laugh"

Characters Flash [Wally West]; Deadline
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Jim Lee
Reprinted in Flash: Rogues, The (DC, 2003 series) #nn

22 page Flash story "Smile for the Camera"

Characters Flash [Wally West]; Det. Fred Chyre; Det. Jared Morillo; Pied Piper; Linda Park; Cliff; Doctor Tynell; Gregory Wolfe; Stan Goldman; The Top [Thomas O'Neil]; Deadline; Deadshot; Merlyn; Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness]; Warp
Synopsis As Pied Piper sits in custody, he is momentarily tainted by Joker venom at the hands of Merlyn, Deadshot, and Deadline, and nearly kills the Joker-ized Captain Boomerang.
Genre Superhero
Script Geoff Johns
Pencils Scott Kolins
Inks Doug Hazlewood
Colors James Sinclair; ? [as Digital Chameleon] (Separator)
Letters Gaspar Saladino
Notes "Joker: Last Laugh" crossover
Reprinted in Flash: Rogues, The (DC, 2003 series) #nn; in Flash: Crossfire, The (DC, 2004 series) #nn [two panels only]; in Flash: Blitz, The (DC, 2004 series) #nn [single panel only]; in Flash: Rogue War, The (DC, 2006 series) #nn [two panels only]