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Issue Details

Issue #143
Published December 2001
Cover Price $2.25/$3.75 CND
Pages 44
Editing Bob Schreck; Nachie Castro (Assist)
Notes Joker: Last Laugh trade dress.

Cover Details - "Grayven's Last Laugh!"

Characters Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Grayven
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Jim Lee
Notes Joker: Last Laugh trade dress.

22 page Green Lantern story "I'm Here All Week, Make Sure to Take Care of Your Waitress."

Characters Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Green Lantern [Jenny-Lynn Hayden]; Terry Berg; Grayven; Nero
Genre superhero
Script Judd Winick
Pencils Dale Eaglesham
Inks Rodney Ramos
Colors Moose Baumann
Letters Chris Eliopoulos

21 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] GameCube; [5] Starburst; [6] Mummy Returns (game); [9] JVC; [10] Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (DVD); [14-15] Magic: The Gathering: Odyssey; [19] Skittles; [20-21] In house -- Smallville (tv); [22] Boxing Fever; [26] In house (various, 2/3 page); [26-27] EA Sports sweepstakes (1 1/3 pages); [31] Arctic Thunder; [32] My Anti-Drug (PSA); [35] Dark Age of Calemot; [36] Aaliyah (music); [39] Spy Hunter; [40] In Recognition of All Who Suffered... (PSA); [inside back] Capri Sun; [back] got chocolate milk?