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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published February 1977
Cover Price 0.30 USD
Pages 36
Editing Archie Goodwin
Notes Letters page replies by Chris Claremont.

Cover Details - "Watch Out For--The Wrecking Crew!"

Characters Iron Fist; Thunderball; Wrecker; Bulldozer; Piledriver
Genre superhero; martial arts
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks Pablo Marcos ?
Letters Dan Crespi
Notes Nick Caputo suggested 2006 that Al Milgrom may have inked this cover.

17 page Iron Fist story "A Fine Day's Dying!"

Characters Iron Fist; GUESTS: Misty Knight; Colleen Wing; Jean Grey [Phoenix]; Scott Summers [Cyclops]; Alan Cavenaugh; VILLAINS: Wrecking Crew [Wrecker; Piledriver; Bulldozer; Thunderball]; Pat; Tim; Boomernag (in shadow); CAMEOS: Matt Murdock [Daredevil]; Heather Glenn; Jim Shooter; Roger Stern; Iron Man; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Dr. Strange; Puppet Master; Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; Power Man [Luke Cage]
Synopsis Misty and Danny are taking a cozy walk outside of the hospital where Lee Wing is recovering when the Wrecking Crew literally bursts out of the ground in front of them looking for the mighty Thor (they figure they can capture Dr. Donald Blake and make him lead them to the Asgardian hero); Iron Fist holds his own against the Wrecker and his comrades until Misty is captured by Thunderball; In order to save her life, Iron Fist agrees to break into Avengers Mansion and turn off the alarms so the Wrecking Crew can enter and kill Thor.
Genre superhero; martial arts
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Dan Adkins
Colors Don Warfield
Letters John Costanza