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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published December 2001
Cover Price $2.50
Pages 36
Editing Dan Raspler (editor); Morgan Dontanville (assistant)
Notes Cover signed "TG".

Cover Details

Characters The Spectre [Hal Jordan]; Parallax [Hal Jordan] (Jokerized version)
Genre Superhero; occult
Pencils Tom Grindberg?
Notes Cover signed "TG".

22 page The Spectre [Hal Jordan] story "Laughing At Myself"

Characters The Spectre [Hal Jordan]; Helen Katherine Jordan; spirit of Abin Sur; The Joker; Parallax [Hal Jordan](Jokerized version); The Phantom Stranger
Synopsis The Spectre and Abin Sur attempt to console Helen Jordan on the death of her parents, but The Spectre leaves to deal with The Joker. The Joker virus infects The Spectre, splitting him into a Jokerized Parallax persona, whom the Spectre reintegrates after it threatens Helen.
Genre Superhero; occult
Script J. M. DeMatteis
Pencils Craig Hamilton
Inks Ray Snyder (pgs. 1-5, 7-22); Jim Royal (pg. 6)
Colors James Sinclair
Letters Bill Oakley
Editing Dan Raspler (editor); Morgan Dontanville (assistant)
Notes Continued in The Spectre 10. Part of "Joker: Last Laugh" story line.