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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published April 1977
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 68
Editing John Warner; Archie Goodwin (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details

Characters Hulk
Genre superhero
Pencils Ken Barr (painted)
Inks Ken Barr (painted)
Colors Ken Barr (painted)
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Incredibile Hulk, L' (Editoriale Corno, 1980 series) #13

33 page Hulk story "And Then...the X-Men"

Characters Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Rick Jones; Bereet; The X-Men [Angel; Iceman; Cyclops; Beast; Marvel Girl]; Professor Charles Xavier; the Krylorians
Genre superhero
Script Doug Moench
Pencils Walt Simonson
Inks Alfredo Alcala
Letters Irving Watanabe

1 page text article "But Will It Thoom in Poughkeepsie...?"

Script John Warner
Letters typeset
Notes Editorial.

5 page X-Men text article "X-Men X-pose"

Characters X-Men [Cyclops; Marvel Girl; Beast; Iceman; Angel; Wolverine; Phoenix; Storm; Colossus; Banshee; Nightcrawler]; Professor Charles Xavier
Genre superhero
Script Ralph Macchio
Pencils Dave Cockrum
Inks Dave Cockrum
Letters typeset
Notes Biographical and other information on the then-current X-Men team, accompanied by two illustrations by Dave Cockrum.

1 page Bloodstone illustration "Bloodstone"

Characters Ulysses Bloodstone
Genre superhero
Script John Warner
Pencils Marshall Rogers
Inks Marshall Rogers
Letters Marshall Rogers, typeset

17 page Bloodstone story "Scream, the Shrike!"

Genre superhero
Script John Warner
Pencils Bob Brown
Inks Rudy Nebres
Letters Jim Novak