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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published November 2004
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 36
Editing Warren Simons (Assistant); Axel Alonso

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Cyclops; Wolverine; White Queen; Kitty Pryde; Rachel Summers
Genre superhero
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson

1 page Spider-Man recap "Previously in Spider-Man"

Genre superhero
Pencils Frank Cho
Inks Frank Cho
Colors Laura Martin
Letters Typeset

23 page Spider-Man story "Venomous Part Two"

Characters FEATURE: Spider-Man; GUESTS: Mary Jane Parker; J. Jonah Jameson; John Jameson; Rachel Summers [Marvel Girl II]; VILLAINS: Norman Osborn [Green Goblin]; Venom [Eddie Brock]; Tinker; Hydro-Man; Sandman; Shocker; The Owl; Mysterio; Don Fortunato; Angelo Fortunato; CAMEOS: Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; The Thing; Franklin Richards; Cyclops; Wolverine; White Queen; Many Villains; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Aunt May; Rhino
Synopsis Spidey has to take on New York's finest to keep his identity a secret; Crackpots start showing up at the Bugle hoping to cash in on the five million dollar reward; Still searching for Aunt May, Peter returns for a chat with Osborn who is no help; He then tries the X-Men's resident psychic, Rachel Summers, who not only cannot find his Aunt, but also fears that she is dead; Eddie Brock has found religion and decides to auction his Venom suit off to the highest bidder and give the proceeds to charity; Every villain imaginable turns out to make a bid to be the new Venom.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Millar
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson
Colors Avalon's Ian Hannin
Letters Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Notes Although this series seems to be a part of regular Marvel continuity, Mysterio, who died in another Marvel Knight's book, appears in this issue.