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Issue Details

Issue #72
Published March 1993
Cover Price 1.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Brian Augustyn; Ruben Diaz (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Wonder Woman
Genre superhero
Pencils Brian Bolland (signed)
Inks Brian Bolland (signed)
Notes The image from this cover was later used as the model for a statue.

22 page Wonder Woman story "The Song of Creation"

Characters Wonder Woman [Princess Diana]; Moot and Geof (villains; intro); Julia Kapatelis; Vanessa Kapatelis; Quinn Thomas (intro); Aphrodite; Heracles (sic; flashback); Queen Hippolyte (flashback); Diana Rockwell Trevor (flashback); Steve Trevor (flashback); Etta Candy
Synopsis Having returned from her exile in space, Wonder Woman recounts to her friends the story of the Amazons, while learning circumstances have changed for herself and Themyscira in her absence.
Genre superhero
Script William Messner-Loebs
Pencils Lee Moder
Inks Ande Parks
Colors Matt Hollingsworth
Letters John Costanza
Notes First Lee Moder and Ande Parks on interior art; Moot and Geof are a tribute to "Mutt and Jeff," the long running comic serial. Wonder Woman tells her origin with new facts: the Amazons were created not in Greece, but on Themyscira. Aphrodite is shown to be the main goddess of the Amazons. The Amazons, before inhabiting the island, were sent to live for 10 years in cities throughout Greece to learn about civilization. After their exile, the Amazons return to Themyscira, where Heracles ventures in his attempt to steal Hippolyte's girdle. When the seal to Tartarus is weakened, Diana Trevor arrives with 20th century weapons the Amazons use to fight the daemon horde. Diana flies her plane into the pit entrance, sacrificing her life to seal the pit. Hippolyte is given the life of the unborn child Diana Trevor was carrying, which is placed in the figure Hippolyte sculpts from clay.

2 page Wonder Woman letters page

Synopsis Letters from Stuart Brynien; Harry D. Hettmannsperger III; Pam Panagopolous; Mark Phillips; Ana Patel.
Script Ruben Diaz
Letters typeset