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Issue Details

Issue #284
Published January 1987
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Adam Blaustein (Assistant Editor); Jim Salicrup (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Gang War Part One"

Characters Hobgoblin [Ned Leeds]; Hammerhead; Rose; Jack O' Lantern
Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Ron Frenz
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #79

22 page Spider-Man story "...And Who Shall Stand Against Them...?"

Characters Spider-Man; GUESTS: Lance Bannon; Ben Urich; J. Jonah Jameson; Robbie Robertson; Kathryn Cushing; Betty Leeds; Ned Leeds; Aunt May Parker; Mary Jane Watson; Flash Thompson; VILLAINS: Hobgoblin [Ned Leeds]; Blue Boys Gang; Arranger; Silvermane; Jack O' Lantern; Rose; Hammerhead; Daniel Kingsley; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Kingpin; Daredevil; CAMEO: Punisher
Synopsis Spider-Man is still looking for Flash when he encounters the Blue Boy Gang and the Hobgoblin; Spidey is still determined to quit the hero business and tries like crazy not to get involved in the underworld mayhem going on around him; Kingpin has gone into hiding and all of the other power players in the mob try to fill the void and scramble to take over his operations; The Arranger as the Kingpin's second in command, however, is still firmly in control as he has Jack O' Lantern take care of Silvermane, sends the police to arrest the Rose's men and blows up Hammerhead; Flash comes out of hiding to contact Betty; Hobgoblin thinks he has Spider-Man cornered on a rooftop but instead finds himself face to face with the Punisher.
Genre superhero
Script Tom DeFalco (Plot); Jim Owsley
Pencils Ron Frenz (Layouts); Brett Breeding
Inks Brett Breeding; Joe Rubinstein
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Rick Parker
Editing Jim Salicrup
Reprinted in Uomo Ragno, L' (Edizioni Star Comics, 1987 series) #79