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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published March 2006
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Aubrey Sitterson (Assistant Editor); Molly Lazer (Assistant Editor); Andy Schmidt (Associate Editor); Tom Brevoort (Editor); Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Frank Cho
Inks Frank Cho
Colors Jason Kieth
Letters Typeset

22 page New Avengers story "Untitled"

Characters Ms. Marvel; Klaw; Jarvis; Spider-Man; Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Luke Cage; Wolverine; Sentry; J. Jonah Jameson; Joe Robertson; Kat Farrell; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; Aunt May Parker; Jessica Jones
Synopsis The New Avengers go Public. Spider-Woman meets with her Hydra handler.
Genre Superhero
Script Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils Frank Cho
Inks Frank Cho
Colors Jason Keith
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Albert Deschesne
Reprinted in Avengers: I am an Avenger II (Marvel, 2010 series) #1