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Issue Details

Issue #360
Published March 1992
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Eric Fein (Assistant Editor); Danny Fingeroth (Editor); Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "Cardiac -- Side-By-Side with... the Amazing Spider-Man"

Characters Spider-Man; Cardiac
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mark Bagley (signed)
Inks Randy Emberlin (signed)

22 page Spider-Man story "Death Toy!"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Mary Jane Watson-Parker; J. Jonah Jameson; Ben Urich; Joy Mercado; Cardiac [Elias Wirtham]; Gunther Stein; Villains: Carnage [Cletus Kasady; partial appearance]; Joe Faulkner
Synopsis Spidey's got to save somebody! But how can he do it and not let somebody else die? [per next issue box]
Genre Superhero
Script David Michelinie
Pencils Chris Marrinan
Inks Keith Williams
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Rick Parker

1 page letters page "The Spider's Web"

Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Randy Emberlin
Letters Typeset
Notes Letters from readers. Preview of cover to Amazing Spider-Man #361.