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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published September 2004
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 40
Editing Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief); Axel Alonso (Executive Editor); John Miesegaes (Editor)
Notes Direct Edition. Rated PSR. UPC 5960605578.

Cover Details

Characters Carnage
Genre Super-hero; horror
Pencils Clayton Crain (painted)
Inks Clayton Crain (painted)
Colors Clayton Crain (painted)
Notes Direct Edition. Rated PSR. UPC 5960605578.

22 page Venom; Carnage story "A Child Is Born Part One: Baby Please Don't Go!"

Characters Black Cat (Felicia Hardy); Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Synopsis Venom pursues Carnage across the Manhattan skyline. Venom is not playing the role of hero, though. He cares little about Carnage's psychotic bloodlust. It turns out that the Carnage symbiote is ready to reproduce asexually, and as Carnage's not-so proud papa, it's up to Venom to ensure that the new creature develops properly... especially since Carnage wants to slaughter the baby blob once it's born. The slimy family feud crashes into the home of a New York City cop and his pregnant wife, which spells disaster for the couple. Fortunately, a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler happens upon the scene.
Genre Super-hero; Horror
Script Peter Milligan
Pencils Clayton Crain (painted)
Inks Clayton Crain (painted)
Colors Clayton Crain (painted)
Letters Cory Petit

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