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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published July 1992
Cover Price 4.95 USD
Pages 44
Editing Dennis Mallonee

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Mark Propst
Inks Mark Propst

26 page Icicle story "The Power of Eraserhead"

Characters GS: League of Champions, Black Enchantress; V: Madame Synn, Eraserhead (I; Philip Taylor)
Genre superhero
Script Dennis Mallonee
Pencils Dell Barras
Inks Howard Simpson
Colors Dennis Mallonee
Letters Diane Valentino

10 page Icestar story "Introducing: Madame Synn"

Genre superhero
Script Dennis Mallonee
Pencils Chris Marrinan; Cio Napolitano
Inks Hot Led Ink; Ciro Napolitano
Colors Janice Cohen; Dennis Mallonee
Letters Carrie Spiegle; Ken Feduniewicz
Notes pgs. 1-3, 10 new material
Reprinted from Champions (Hero Comics, 1987 series) #1