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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published August-September 1950
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth

Cover Details

Characters Judy Foster; Oogie Pringle
Notes A cover blurb claims that Judy is “Radio’s famous coast-to-coast favorite”.

1 page Danger Trail promo (ad from the publisher) "The Kind of Stories You Like Best!"

Notes This house ad reproduces the cover for Danger Trail #1.

12 page A Date with Judy story "“Melvin -- you’re not ready yet!”"

Characters Dora Foster; Melvin Foster; Judy Foster; Oogie Pringle; Mrs. Pringle; Mr. Pringle; Mr. Turk; Myrtle; Mrs. Atkins; Mayor Lyons; Randolph Foster
Synopsis Melvin decides he is too tired to join Dora in visiting a cousin, and lies down for a nap. Judy, not wanting to wake him, goes to Oogie’s house. From an ambiguous comment by Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Pringle assume that Dora has left Melvin, and that Melvin has fallen ill. Before long, dozens of people “know” that the Fosters have split, and they all descend on the Foster house. Melvin wakes to a house full of well-meaning, ill-informed neighbors.
Genre Teen

Half page story "Little Orvil"

Characters Orville
Synopsis Orville is late, but doesn’t hurry up.
Genre Gags

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Editorial Advisory Board"

Letters typeset
Notes Lists names and credentials of four advisors to the publisher.

6 page A Date with Judy story "“Hello, Judy!”"

Characters Tootsie; Judy Foster; Mitzi; Oogie Pringle
Synopsis Judy wants Tootsie to be seen at less than her best. She connives to invite Tootsie to a come-as-you-are party while Tootsie’s hair is drying after being washed.
Genre Teen

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Thundering Out of America’s Most Danger-Filled Days..."

Genre Period
Notes This house ad reproduces the cover for Feature Films #3.

Half page story "Jerry the Jitterbug"

Characters Jerry
Synopsis Jerry becomes sleepy at a movie, so he goes home to bed. At home, he cannot sleep.
Genre Gags

4 page Randolph story "“Listen, Oogie -- I called to tip you off to something for two reasons! The first is because I like you --”"

Characters Randolph Foster; Oogie Pringle; Melvin Foster; Judy Foster
Synopsis Randolph warns Oogie that Judy is interested in another guy. But Randolph has a plan that will make Oogie look good to Judy again.
Genre Teen

Half page story "Peg"

Characters Peg; Peg’s date
Synopsis Peg wants to be treated as a man’s equal. She gets her chance.
Genre Gags
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff

2 page filler "Date Duds"

Genre Teen
Notes This is an illustrated advice column; the script is a poem. Each of five stanzas gives an example of how a girl can be a bad date; the sixth stanza tells how a girl can be a “date dream.”

5 page A Date with Judy story "“Oogie, do you think you’d like me with the new-look hairdo?”"

Characters Judy Foster; Oogie Pringle
Synopsis Judy responds unpredictably to Oogie as she considers getting a new hairdo.
Genre Teen

Half page story "Shorty"

Characters Shorty; Timmy
Synopsis When it rains on the day he promised to take nephews on a picnic, Shorty has to find a solution.
Genre Gags

1 page story "Chip"

Characters Chip; Joan; Joan’s kid brother
Synopsis Chip arrives to pick up Joan, but offends her when he does not interrupt a conversation to greet her.
Genre Gags

2 page A Date with Judy text story "The Importance of Being Judy"

Characters Judy Foster; Melvin Foster; Dora Foster; Randolph Foster
Synopsis Judy demands an absurd amount of reassurance about her family’s love.
Genre Family
Letters typeset

8 page A Date with Judy story "“Oh, how nice! Margie is announcing her engagement to Raymond Rayfield!”"

Characters Judy Foster; Margie; Oogie Pringle; Tootsie
Synopsis Judy is taken with the idea that one can announce engagements—and breaking of engagements—in a newspaper.
Genre Teen

1 page Superboy public service announcement "Job Counselor"

Characters Superboy; Jim
Synopsis Superboy encourages Jim to find work for which he has an aptitude.
Genre superhero

1 page story "Skooter"

Characters Skooter; Coach
Synopsis Skooter bumbles his way to baseball heroism.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "No Matter What You Like, You’re Bound to Like The Adventures of Bob Hope"

Notes This house ad partially reproduces the cover for The Adventures of Bob Hope #4.