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Issue Details

Issue #46
Published April 1976
Cover Price .30
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Algebra... A Terrible Headache"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge
Genre teen; humor

5 page Archie story "The Exhibit's Escape"

Characters Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Billy the Kid (a goat); Professor Benjamin Flutesnoot; Geraldine Grundy; Ms. Beazly; Waldo Weatherbee
Synopsis Archie brings a goat to school as part of a biology lecture, but the goat chews through the rope leash he's on and causes mayhem at Riverdale High.
Genre teen; humor

1 page Archie activity "Archie U.S.A. trivia"

Characters Archie Andrews
Genre teen
Notes A page of USA president trivia.

1 page Josie advertisement "Josie and The Cup Cakes"

Characters Josie McCoy; Alan M. Mayberry; Alexander Cabot III; Brenda
Synopsis A new girl tries out for the band, but Josie distracts her with Hostess Cup Cakes.
Genre teen; humor; ad
Notes Ad for Hostess Cup Cakes.

Half page Li'l Jinx filler "Smart Art"

Characters Li'l Jinx; her dad
Synopsis Li'l Jinx and her father go to the museum to look at paintings.
Genre humor; gags
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

Half page Archie filler "Archie's Gag Bag"

Characters Archie Andrews; Mary Andrews; Veronica Lodge
Synopsis Archie goes shopping for his mom, but gets distracted by Veronica.
Genre teen; humor; gag
Notes Strip falls between the Li'l Jinx strip and a statement of ownership (.66 page) on a single page.

6 page Archie story "Monday Morning Blahs"

Characters Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Betty Cooper; Waldo Weatherbee; Moose Mason
Synopsis Archie ignores his homework all weekend because he has a study hall first period and can get it done then. But Mr. Weatherbee assigns him to help the drama club moving scenery instead.
Genre teen; humor

5 page Archie story "Match Mis-taker"

Characters Arche Andrews; Dilton Doiley; Abigail; Betty Cooper (cameo); Pop Tate (cameo)
Synopsis Archie sets Dilton up on a blind date with a aggressive feminist.
Genre teen; humor

5 page Archie story "Surprise"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge
Synopsis Archie is taking Veronica out to an expensive dinner. As they walk into the restuarant, Veronica sees a girl wearing the same dress she has on. She then forces Archie to buy her a new dress before dinner, but he doesn't have enough money to pay for both.
Genre teen; humor