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Issue Details

Issue #76
Published September 1944
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth

Cover Details

Characters Superman
Genre superhero
Pencils Wayne Boring
Inks Stan Kaye
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Superman: The Action Comics Archives (DC, 1997 series) #5 (2007)

12 page Superman story "A Voyage to Destiny"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent]; Fred Carson; V: Black Patch [I, D].
Synopsis Young Fred Carson is told on his father's death bed that he will inherit his father's fortune IF he will take that ship and follow the same course his father had before him that earned him all those riches. He does, not realizing that he will soon run afoul of Black Patch, a man that once lost an eye to Fred's father during a fight!
Genre superhero
Pencils Ed Dobrotka
Inks Ed Dobrotka (?)
Notes Synopsis added by Craig Delich 10-18-07.
Reprinted in Superman: The Action Comics Archives (DC, 1997 series) #5 (2007)

5 page Hayfoot Henry filler "The Damaged Boulevard"

Characters Hayfoot Henry
Genre detective; humor
Pencils ? [same art as last issue]
Inks Stan Kaye [same art as last issue]
Notes Writer credit revised from Alvin Schwartz to ? and pencil credit revised from Stan Kaye? to ? by Craig Delich 10-21-08. The Who's Who lists Schwartz as writer only from 1946-48 and Kaye as inker only in 1944.

10 page The Vigilante story "The Mountain Without a Top"

Characters The Vigilante [Greg Sanders]
Genre western
Pencils Mort Meskin (signed as Mort Morton Jr.)

Half page Private Pete filler

Characters Pvt. Pete
Genre military humor
Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff
Notes Writer credit added by Craig Delich 10-18-07.

6 page Congo Bill story "The Trapped Trappers"

Characters Congo Bill
Genre jungle
Pencils Edwin Smalle
Inks Edwin Smalle

1 page Quiz Quiz activity

Script Jack Farr (signed as Prof. Qwak Wakk)
Pencils Jack Farr (signed as Prof. Qwak Wakk}
Inks Jack Farr (signed as Prof. Qwak Wakk)
Letters Jack Farr
Notes Writer and letterer credits added by Craig Delich 10-18-07.

2 page text story "On the Hoof"

Genre adventure
Script Ted Udall? (signed as Tod Loury)
Letters typeset

8 page Zatara story "Walk of Death"

Characters Zatara
Genre occult
Pencils William F. White?
Inks William F. White?