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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published September 1984
Cover Price $2.00
Pages 52
Editing Alan Gold

Cover Details

Characters Salvo
Genre adventure
Pencils Alex Nino
Inks Alex Nino

40 page Thriller story "Seven Seconds to Armageddon [Downtime Part 10]"

Characters The Seven Seconds [Data [Frederick Martin]; White Satin [Janet Valentine]; Salvo [Tony Salvotini]; Father Beaker Parish; Proxy [Robert Furrillo]; Crackerjack; Dan Grove]; Angie Thriller; Edward Thriller; Iskariot; Malocchia; President William Martin; Mrs. Faith Verity (dies in this issue); the original Seven Seconds [Tony Salvotini; Angeline Salvotini; Edward Thriller; Moses Lusk; Iskariot; Beaker Parish; Richard Quo]
Synopsis As a group of terrorists take over the United Nations, they also detonate a nuclear bomb, destroying all of New York City. Quo and Angie reverse the disaster as Faith Verity wanted. The world enters an age of peace and enlightenment that lasts about 5 minutes before Tony kills Iskariot, another terroist and inadvertantly Faith Verity. Also the origins of Salvo and Beaker Parish are told in flashback.
Genre adventure
Script Bill Dubay
Pencils Alex Nino
Inks Alex Nino
Colors Tom Ziuko
Letters Philip Felix

1 page letters page "Filler"

Script Alan Gold
Letters typeset