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Issue Details

Issue #24
Published May 1974
Cover Price 0.25
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Reggie, you were supposed to come as the person you most admire!"

Characters Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Midge Klump; Moose Mason; Josie McCoy; Valerie Brown; Melody Valentine; Sabrina
Genre teen; gags

6 page Archie story "Footloose"

Characters Archie Andrews; Fred Andrews; Mary Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle
Synopsis Archie only has one shoe to wear to the dance.
Genre teen

1 page Li'l Jinx filler "Dinner Winner"

Characters Li'l Jinx; Gregory
Genre gags
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

1 page Archie Pin Up illustration "There's nothing wrong with this bill, M'sieur!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge
Genre gags

5 page Archie story "Think Shrink"

Characters Archie Andrews; Geraldine Grundy; Betty Cooper; Waldo Weatherbee
Synopsis Archie gives a presentation to the male members of his class.
Genre teen

2 page Archie Club News letters page "Archie Club News"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from Susan Landa, Donna Mullahey, Diane Montgomery amd Kathy Krohn with accompanying illustrations and instructions on how to join the Archie Club.

1 page Josie filler "Now You See It -- Now You Don't"

Characters Josie McCoy; Melody Valentine
Genre gags

1 page Big Ethel filler "Chase Pace"

Characters Big Ethel Muggs; Jughead Jones; Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge
Genre gags

1 page Jughead filler "Slide Ride"

Characters Jughead Jones; Archie Andrews
Genre gags

6 page Sabrina story "The Old Refrain"

Characters Sabrina; Aunt Hilda; Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge
Synopsis Sabrina is angry when she goes out because Aunt Hildy doesn't tell her to be careful.
Genre teen; occult