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Issue Details

Issue #292
Published July 1986
Cover Price 0.75
Pages 36
Editing Michael Carlin; Bobbie Chase (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Human Torch; She-Hulk; Invisible Woman; Nick Fury; Adolf Hitler
Genre superhero
Pencils John Byrne
Inks John Byrne
Letters Typeset

22 page Fantastic Four story "The Man Who Dreamed the World"

Characters FEATURE: Fantastic Four--Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; She-Hulk; Invisible Woman; GUESTS: Licorice Calhoun; Nick Fury; SHIELD; VILLAIN: Adolf Hitler; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Annihilus
Synopsis Trapped in 1936, the FF attempt to prevent Fury from killing Hitler; They fail and as Hitler is shot, the FF wake up in a SHIELD base and find that Reed is still alive; He explains how he escaped the Negative Zone and that their time in 1936 was all part of the dream of the mutant Licorice Calhoun.
Genre superhero
Script John Byrne
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Al Gordon
Colors Glynis Oliver
Letters John Workman
Notes In one of the most catharic moments in Marvel comics, Nick Fury kills Hitler.