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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published April 1994
Cover Price 3.95 USD
Pages 68
Editing Joey Cavalieri

Cover Details

Characters Hulk 2099; Metal Scream 2099; Lychryma 2099
Genre superhero; science fiction
Pencils Paul Ryan
Inks Paul Ryan

20 page Hulk 2099 story "Hammer's Echo"

Characters Hulk 2099; The Thorites; Sigurd (though this is not actually him)
Synopsis Hulk 2099 and the Thorites battle Sigurd, only to find that Sigurd was actually a failed medical experiment and not really a true foe of Valhalla.
Genre superhero; science fiction
Script Gerard Jones
Pencils Joe Brozowski [as J.J. Birch]
Inks Mark McKenna
Colors Tom Smith
Letters Richard Starkings; Gaushell
Reprinted in X-Men 2099 (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #6

20 page Metalscream 2099 story "untitled"

Characters Metalscream 2099; Pylon; Necrosis; Pain Queen
Synopsis Metal Scream tries to acquire the Hand of Tiamet before evil can get its hands on it but arrives to late and battles Pain Queen thinking that she was the one that killed Pylon when it was in fact Necrosis who killed Pylon and took the hand. Metal Scream later finds and lobotomizes Necrosis.
Genre science fiction
Script Warren Ellis
Pencils D'Israeli
Inks D'Israeli
Colors Marie Javins
Letters H.V. Derci
Reprinted in X-Men 2099 (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #10

10 page Lachryma 2099 story "untitled"

Characters Lachryma 2099; Sister Lucia
Synopsis Lachryma 2099's origin story
Genre superhero
Script Ian Edgington
Pencils David Klein
Inks David Klein
Colors Kevin Somers
Letters Rod Somers
Reprinted in X-Men 2099 (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #8