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Issue Details

Issue #78
Published July 1991
Cover Price 1.00
Pages 36
Editing Tom Defalco (editor-in-chief), Danny Fingeroth, Eric Fein (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man, Firebrand, Cloak, Dagger
Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Saviuk
Inks Alex Saviuk
Letters typographical

22 page Spider-Man story "Toast of the Town ..."

Characters Spider-Man, Firebrand (Broxtel), Munson (dies), Anna, Cloak & Dagger (cameo), Morlocks (Pester, Ent, Mother Inferior (dies), Pester's baby), May Parker, Willie Lumpkin, Flash Thompson, Felicia Hardy, Betty Brant Leeds, Harry Osborn, Liz Allan Osborn, J. J
Synopsis As the supporting cast crawls from the wreckage of the collapsed building, Cloak and Dagger fight the man responsible (Firebrand), and Spider-Man helps a group of Morlocks in the sewers below
Genre superhero
Script Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Alex Saviuk
Inks Keith Williams
Colors Nel Yomtov
Letters Rick Parker

1 page Web-Zingers letters page

Letters typeset