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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published August 2001
Cover Price 2.25 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Brian Smith (assistant)

Cover Details - "The Worst Thing"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Mark Bagley
Letters typeset

1 page Ultimate Spider-Man recap "Previously..."

Genre Superhero
Script Brian Michael Bendis ?
Pencils Mark Bagley
Letters typeset
Notes Cast of characters, recap of story-to-date and creator credits.

21 page Ultimate Spider-Man story "The Worst Thing"

Characters Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Aunt May Parker; Mary Jane Watson; Liz Allan; Flash Thompson; Kong [Kenny McFarlane]; VILLAINS: Electro [Max Dillon]; Enforcers ["Fancy Dan" Crenshaw; "Montana" Bale; Ox [Bruno Sanchez]]; Kingpin [Wilson Fisk]; Mr. Big [Fredrick Foswell] (dies)
Synopsis Things go from bad to worse for our spanking-new web-slinger! Not only does the Kingpin of Crime beat him to within an inch of his life, but he also learns his secret identity! And wait'll you see the savage slobberknocker between the corpulent criminal and the Big Man! [per solicitation]
Genre Superhero
Script Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils Mark Bagley
Inks Art Thibert
Colors Jung Choi [as JC]
Letters RS & Comicraft's Albert Deschesne
Reprinted In Target Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve (Marvel, 2004 series) #nn [edited]

1 page Bullpen Bulletins promo (ad from the publisher) "Bullpen Bulletins [August 2001]"

Characters Punisher
Pencils Steve Dillon
Letters typeset
Notes Spotlight on THE PUNISHER #1. Partial checklist for Marvel comics dated August 2001.

1 page Spidey Letters letters page "Spidey Letters"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Caroline, A.J. Wiley, Seth Evans, Steve Barta, Christina, Drew Hampton and Chris Miehls.